Dolat (meaning)

cropped-D-2.png  Dolat is a widely used word in several South Asian languages, namely, Hindi, Urdu and Farsi, meaning Wealth, Good Fortune, Money, Power.

Core Values and Principles

cropped-D-2.png Integrity and transparency are at the heart of our thought process and modus-operandi;

cropped-D-2.png We truly put our clients interests first;

cropped-D-2.png We avoid any type of conflict of interests with service providers (eg. Financial Institutions);

cropped-D-2.png We have a genuine long-term commitment to the business and to our clients needs;

cropped-D-2.png Our ultimate goal is to help our clients succeed by managing risks properly and attain their financial objectives.


cropped-D-2.png Independent investment advisory firm based in Lisbon, Portugal;

cropped-D-2.png Duly authorized and regulated by the CMVM (register number 368); adhering to EU financial markets regulation;

cropped-D-2.png The partners have funded the business exclusively with their own equity capital;

cropped-D-2.png Broad and deep understanding of capital markets, financial instruments and regulatory/legal affairs;

cropped-D-2.png Focused on the impact of political and geopolitical risk events on financial markets.