01 Aug Andbank unveils Gestión Boutique III

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Andbank Spain launched its third compartment fund advised by EAFIs following the success of its two previous versions, Gestión Boutique I and II.

In total, the Boutique Management range gathers 25 funds which are advised by around 20 EAFIs and exceed €120m of assets under management.

The Boutique III Management brings six compartments that will count with six different advisors respectively. Alexandre García Pinard (with the AG International Selection Fund), Dolat Capital (with Dolat International Fixed Income), Investkey Advisalia (with the Investkey Equilibrio fund), Neo Inversiones Financieras (with Neo Activa), Pulsar Capital (with Pulsar 303 Mixed Fixed Income Euro), and Veritas Capital (with Veritas Capital Mixed Fund).

The launch arises from the commitment Andbank has to limit the compartments of each fund to 10 to 12. Otherwise, the new six compartments would have been integrated into the existing funds the entity already had.

Gestión Boutique III incorporates an international consultant for first time. This is the Portuguese firm Dolat Capital, founded by Carim Habib, who counts with around 13 years’ experience in Deutsche Bank AG. Prior to that, he was working for ING Investment Management as head of Business development in Investments Alternatives, with base in Lisbon and Madrid.

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